Longest CBB Conference Championship Streaks

When it comes to the best streaks in college basketball in terms of conference championships, there are a lot of teams that could be argued as being the best. These teams have worked hard through their seasons to make sure that they are considered to be one of the best in their conference. Many of these teams have been rewarded with a conference championship and have done it enough times in a row, that they are part of history of having the longest streak. Let’s take a look at a few of these teams that have etched their name in the history books.

Kansas Jayhawks
The Jayhawks are the prime example of knowing how to put together a winning combination together and win conference championships. Last season was a huge season for the Jayhawks as they won their 11th in a row conference title. Many people will tell you that winning one conference title is a challenge itself, it becomes even more of a challenge when you do it 11 times in a row. Bill Self is a coach that has been able to take his team to the conference game and win 11 times in a row. This is putting Kansas in the driver seat to be one of the more dominant teams in recent history. There have been others that stood at the top of the mountain.

UConn Huskies
The Huskies are a team that came into their own during the 1951-1960 era. The Huskies took home a total of 12 titles in a row and dominated their conference even though they really were not looked at as being one of the “big” schools. Nonetheless, the little team from Connecticut, would still put on a dominating performance and take the college basketball world by storm.

UNLV Runnin Rebels
This was one of the most recognizable teams in college basketball. Jerry Takkanian was the man that led the team to their 10 straight conference titles. The coach was more notorious than the team was as he was known for his biting of a towel during season games. The closer a game was the more he would bite on the towel. No matter what you may think about the tradition, it must have worked as the team would go on and win in a very impressive fashion.

Gonzaga Bulldogs
Tied with The Jayhawks, the Bulldogs took home 11 titles. Mark Few took control of the team and under his time with the team, he won the Bulldogs 11 titles. This was again a team that was always dismissed and finally found their voice to stand up and be heard. During his time with the team, he took them to 15 NCAA appearances and won 432 games. This is a feat that may never be repeated in the near future of the Bulldogs.

UCLA Bruins
John Woodens team took home 13 straight titles in their conference. It was getting to the point, people started to just see the opposing team hand the Bruins the conference title as opposed to suffer defeat. This was the gold standard that many teams since the 70’s have been chasing and one that many may never actually reach.

These are a few of the teams that have achieved greatness in the last several years. Who will be the next dynasty that will ascend up to the mountain of immortals and set their own record? Only time will tell, but in the meantime it will make for some very interesting basketball. No matter who it is, these teams will still have a place among the CBB Gods that look down on the NCAA.