NBA Players with the Worst Facial Hair

The Five Worst Beards Or Mustaches In The NBA 

Beards and mustaches in the NBA have been a problem for some time. Everyone who has one has been the subject of scorn, and now a list must come out. This is a list of a few men who have such bad facial hair that they must be called out for it. This article is the story of all five men who are wearing facial hair that is not acceptable in any sense of the word.

#1: Dirk Nowitski

Dirk has stubble that everyone may see in every interview, and his stubble never goes away. He carries the stubble with him wherever he goes, but his blond locks are not good for facial hair. Someone with facial hair like this will have problems because it is difficult to see their facial hair. They are not showing off something that gives them a fresh look, and Dirk has never shaved his beard away. He would look much cleaner if he got rid of all the stubble.

#2: James Harden

His beard is so easy to recognize that everyone knows what it looks like the second it is brought up. The beard is so large that fans often wonder if it gets in the way of his game, and they look at him wondering how they will get past it. James Harden has kept his beard out there for quite a long time, and it appears that it will not go anywhere any time soon. His Rockets play well in the current with his beard in-play, and he has come close to winning the MVP with his beard. It is not attractive, but it helps his game.

#3: Larry Legend

Larry Bird once sported a mustache so bad that everyone in basketball still remembers it. His blond hair came on very thick, and he had a mustache that was so large anyone could see it. The mustache did not get in the way of his play, but it left him in later years because it did not look good at all. Larry Bird is one of the greats of the game who brought basketball back from the doldrums when it was on tape delay and not taken seriously. His mustache is simply a reminder of a time when he was not in a position to give fashion advice to younger players.

#4: Bill Walton

Another old mustache and beard was Bill Walton. His playing days were an eclectic mix of success and pontification. He does so today with a clean face, but he once carried so much facial hair that it is hard to believe he could stand to get up in the morning. The classic pictures of Walton make him look like he came from a bad movie of the period, and he started in college as the boy with the long sideburns and stubble. Growing out the beard and mustache only made him a greater target for scorn in the future.

#5: Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer has facial hair that defies any explanation. His beard is one that looks as though it was made in a design house, and it remind the viewer that the design on beards are often not all that exciting. Carlos keeps his beard angular, and he forces the issue by wearing it every night without every shaving it. It does not look good in profile, and it looks frightening from the front.

Every hair in this article has caused problems for NBA fans for years. Facial hair is not a part of the NBA that anyone is proud of, but they see it on TV every night.