Top 5 Players in Gonzaga Basketball History

Gonzaga University has a long and storied basketball program dating back to 1907. 109 years of hard nosed basketball later, the Bulldogs remain a force to be reckoned with. Throughout this time an incredible amount of great talent has passed through the university’s halls. Every point, block, steal, rebound and assist adding to the lineage and legacy of this fantastic basketball program. Here is a list of the top five players who absolutely decimated the competition and made the Gonzaga Bulldogs what they are today.

#5. Ronny Turiaf

Ronny Turiaf was a man amongst boys in his days at Gonzaga. Standing at six feet and ten inches, he possessed the natural body size and strength to be a great basketball player. He finished out his four year run while averaging 13.6 points and 6.8 rebounds a game. This coupled with his accolades (WCC player of the year 2005, 3 time first team all WCC 2003-2005) made this man a terrifying opponent to play against.

#4. Matt Santangelo

Matt Santangelo was a gifted point guard who excelled at minimizing turnovers and scoring efficiently. He really shined in his junior year (1998-1999), leading the Zags to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. Santangelo was known for his breakout games in which he would score 30+ points and absolutely rain hell down from the 3 point line.

#3. Frank Burgess

Frank Burgess is responsible for turning the nations eyes on Gonzaga and letting everybody know this wasn’t some bush league school. He made his mark back in 1961 when he averaged an absolutely ludicrous 32 points per game. Frank was a wrecking machine, known most for his 52 point performance in his senior year. He remains the all time leader in points scored for Gonzaga.

#2. Adam Morrison

Perhaps the most well known player in the last decade, Adam Morrison was a manimal when it came to putting the ball through the iron. He started off slowly his Freshman year, averaging 11.4 points per game yet his play was impressive enough to get him named to the WCC all-freshman squad. Adam quickly made his name as a dominant force the following two years, averaging 19 points per game his sophomore year and a ridiculous 28 points per game his junior year. He had five, count them, FIVE 40+ point games in his junior year. This man was unstoppable. Unfortunately for Adam Morrison and his feather duster mustache, his skills couldn’t survive the transition to the NBA and subsequently he became a draft bust.

#1. John Stockton

John Stockton should be a household name for any NBA fan in existence. John’s insane passing ability, his dead on shooting and his basketball IQ combined together to make one of the craftiest players to ever pick up a ball. As a Spokane native, he decided to take his talents to the Bulldogs and play under the legendary coach Dan Fitzgerald. As is the case with most college players, his best performances were found in his senior year. Stockton averaged 20.9 points per game while shooting a mind blowing 57% from the field. Stockton’s 20.9 points a game were enough for him to lead the WCC in scoring, while also leading in assists and steals. Stockton knew the game of basketball very well and is to this day on of the best fundamental players out there. John took his talents to the NBA and is unanimously considered one of the best point guards of all time.